Aurelia’s Garden Tool Wish List

We are grateful for the addition of any of these tools to our work shed! We love old tools if you find one that is still in working order in your garage.

Double Wheel Hoe (Terrateck)

Ridger, attachment for Double Wheel Hoe

Bio Disc, attachment for Double Wheel Hoe

3-Tine Cultivator, attachment for Double Wheel Hoe

Hand Trowels (6)

Hand Forks (2)

Digging Forks (6)

Pitch Forks (2)  

Broad Forks (2)

Pole Driver (1)  

Bow Rakes, 16.5” (2)

Bow Rakes, 14” (2)

Short Handled Spades (6)

Long Handled Spades (6)

Delta Wire Hoes (2)  

3-Tooth Cultivators (2)

Cultivator/Loop Hoe (1)

Triangular Hoes (2)

4-Tine Cultivators (4)  

Nitrile Gloves

Face Masks

Gardening Gloves


Please send (or drop off) the item at: Aurelia’s Garden, c/o Kate Deeley, 54 Bridge Street, Medfield MA 02052


Contact us and we will be more than happy to pick it up.